• Original marketing solutions
  • Automated training
  • Integration with PoS mining system
  • Fully transparent earnings reports
  • Instant withdrawal of funds
  • Customer focus

The Benefits of Cooperation

High returns along with development

Conferences in Russia and abroad

High-quality training at the expense of the company

The opportunity to raise your business anywhere on the globe

Continuous and comprehensive business support

Participation in the development of the international community

Earnings that will help make your dreams come true

Premium Club

Original Marketing Solutions

  • 100% goes to the network
  • Reinvestable trinary program
  • Reinvestable linear program
  • 7-rank career ladder
  • Distribution of profits from the main account
  • Quick start bonus
  • Passive income from the PoS mining pool
  • Five-level referral mining program

How it works

BixUp Mission

To be a reliable partner and to take a leading position in the network marketing niche, helping people achieve financial success. To unite people with a proactive attitude and inspire others to conquer new horizons.

Our Team

The BixUp team consists of specialists from various areas. Each employee plays an important role in our company and contributes to its development. Our experts create, manage, advise, and analyze, investing all their experience, skills, and talents in what they do.

We don’t want our partners to shoulder the burden of promoting the company; on the contrary, we are set to provide everything they need for the most fruitful collaboration.

Evgeny Chaplygin


Evgeny Ezhov


Unit of Account

Our company's unit of account is Bitcoin.


  • Decentralization
  • Reliability
  • Anonymity
  • No mediators
  • Unlimited payment amount
  • Cross-border transactions

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