About us

BixUp is an online platform designed to create versatile sources of income based on affiliate marketing and PoS mining.

With BixUp, anyone can build their own business, become part of a large community, improve their skills, and develop their partner networks. Customer focus is not just another couple of words for us—it is our intention to do the best for our business partners, always and in all respects.

BixUp is developing in several areas: marketing, online training, IT development, and blockchain technologies.

The key features of BixUp:

  • Original marketing solutions
  • High margins
  • Automated training
  • Integration with PoS mining system
  • Fully transparent earnings reports
  • Instant withdrawal of funds
  • Customer focus

Our original marketing approach offers 8 key advantages:

  • 100% goes to the network
  • Reinvestable trinary program
  • Reinvestable linear program
  • 7-rank career ladder
  • Distribution of profits from the main account
  • Quick start bonus
  • Passive income from the PoS mining pool
  • Five-level referral mining program

The BixUp team consists of specialists from various areas. Each participant contributes to the development of the company. BixUp specialists create, manage, advise, analyze, and supervise. The objective of our team is to create a company that will develop not only based on the input of its partners, but also thanks to a well-written marketing strategy, high-quality services, and customer focus. We don’t want our partners to shoulder the burden of promoting the company; on the contrary, we are set to provide everything they need for the most fruitful collaboration.

The company’s product is IT solutions and services:

  1. Cashback Service

    Thanks to this service, each partner can save on his purchases and earn extra money from what his friends buy.

  2. Social Network Automation Service

    A perfect solution that allows entrepreneurs from different fields to attract even more customers to their business and enables BixUp partners to make money just for recommending the service and to use it at the most favorable price.

  3. Cryptocurrency Exchange Service

    Helps you easily exchange Bitcoins or Acrona and buy pools at BixUp

We’re constantly working on new products, so you can look forward to see something new here real soon!

Company’s mission:

  • To be a reliable partner and help people achieve financial success.
  • To take a leading position in the network marketing niche.

What do you get from working with us?

  • High returns along with business development
  • Earnings that will help make your dreams come true
  • High-quality training at the expense of the company
  • Continuous and comprehensive business support
  • Participation in the development of the international community
  • Conferences in Russia and abroad
  • The opportunity to raise your business anywhere on the globe
  • The chance to become part of the high-class professional community

By choosing our company, you get a number of advantages and prospects for personal development. We provide comprehensive business support, high-quality training at the company’s expense, as well as the opportunity to attend conferences, trainings, and workshops in Russia and abroad. By joining our team, you become part of a large community of high-class experts. Thanks to our marketing plan, each partner will be able to generate high profits and develop their businesses anywhere in the world. Keep an open mind to new ideas and don’t miss your chance to change the future.