Our team has created an online training platform. It contains various courses on how to advertise, build a personal brand, promote your business on social media, and boost sales. The number of courses will constantly grow, with plans to attract well-known qualified speakers and coaches from all over Russia, expand the scope of training, and organize offline training courses, master classes, and workshops around the world.

In order for training to be effective, we have implemented a test system that will check your knowledge.

Each person who becomes a BixUp partner gains access to private training sections. A new section becomes available each time a new pool opens. The sections will be grouped based on their topics and difficulty levels.

The objective of our training system is to create comfortable conditions for high-quality distance education.

The BixUp Academy is committed to the following key principles: consistency and systematic nature of tasks; accessibility and affordability of training; conscious and creative approach; no gap between theory and practice; and learning retention.